What's our thing?

At Line + Tow we're passionate about a lot of stuff. We want to make clothing that doesnt hurt the planet, and we want to pay people a fair wage to make that happen. Thoughtful design is at the forefront of what we do. We want our clothing to last a long time, flatter all body types, and be comfortable at the same time. Is that too much to ask? We dont think so!

but don't take our word for it...

"All of the pieces were comfortable, and I am usually ONLY comfortable in stretchy clothes."


My Line + Tow dress has set a new standard for what's in my closet. It's stylish, comfortable, and responsibly made... why can't clothes do it all?


"The Utility Button-down was the first button down shirt I have put on in years that I didn't want to take off immediately."


Why Our clothes are unique:


We make all of our clothing from a fabric that we fell in love with that is made from old jeans. Our garment labels are printed on cotton and made by a small woman owned business. We never package our clothing in plastic.


Every element of design in our clothing was done intentionally. We use straight lines and right angles as much as possible to minimize fabric waste. We also worked hard to avoid using zippers and elastic - elements that tend to break first on clothing and shorten that garments lifespan.


Our clothing is made to fit you even  if your body changes. The boxy fit creates less tension of the seams making them last longer, and the sleeves don't sit in your armpits so goodbye pit stains! Want a less baggy look? There's a drawstring or tie for that!