Is a Sustainable Lifestyle the Secret to a Happy Life?

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For centuries, we have tried to find the answer to one seemingly simple question:

How can we be happy?

There are hundreds of answers and theories to this question which range from chemical to physical, and conceptual to material. But, what if, in all our searching we have been getting farther and farther from the answer?

What if, what we yearn for, is very simple after all?

What if what we are searching for is more connection? Connection to the earth and the people around us. We are, despite our efforts to distance ourselves, just animals after all. We came from the earth, and we will one day go back

Through technology, we have transformed our lives and, our aspirations into those of unnatural proportions. These dreams may be possible, yes, but are they right for us? We are natural beings living in an unnatural world - is it any wonder that something doesn’t feel right?

We have engineered a seemingly efficient system, but what we are forgetting is that the world was always efficient to begin with and our new technological “efficiencies” are creating a dissonance in our lives.

What if we took a step back and slowed down? What if we thought more about the things we think we need? What if we considered where the items we buy come from? What if we considered our complacency and took an introspective look at what is, and isn’t, working in our society.

We look back at past generations and wonder why they did the things they did. What will future generations say about us?

I believe we will be shocked that we thought it was simply “ok” to throw things into the earth - to create, buy, and sell massive amounts of items that ultimately end up in the landfill. Consider plastic cutlery - we create pollution in order to make a product that is made to be thrown away. Our earth is hurting because of this and we don’t realize that it is hurting us as humans, too.

Adopting a more meaningful lifestyle leads to a better understanding of the pitfalls in our modern world.

Imagine a simple life...

You will find that you need to buy fewer items, spend less money, have more free time, create less trash, and prepare meals that tastes better and last longer. You will learn to reuse your belongings and grow to love them.

Gone are the days over over-consumption and wasting time taking out the garbage. With less items, you avoid cleaning out the car, dealing with piles of receipts, or sifting through junk. You will learn to let go of the items that bring you neither joy, nor purpose.  

Most importantly, by adopting a more meaningful and sustainable lifestyle, you learn the secret to life is to live in sync with the planet.

You learn to appreciate all the earth has to offer, whether that be the people and animals surrounding us, the natural abilities you were born with, the amazing feats your body can accomplish, or the beautiful things that the world has created.

You simply experience the joy of being alive.

Tara floating in the majestic Lago de Atitlan, San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala Photo by Maggie Rotanz

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