On typos and trying to do everything yourself

You may or may not be on my mailing list, and if you are, you may or may not have opened my most recent email. Spoiler alert: there is a very obvious typo in the heading.

It's almost a joke now where my mom is constantly calling and texting me to point out typos that I've made in business related posts, emails and on my website. I often feel like I'm just careless, or a bad speller, but in reality i'm just overwhelmed. When you are running a business yourself you fall into the trap of feeling like you have to do everything yourself. I am lucky to have good friends that can help me out for little to no compensation, however when it comes to the main amount of work, it is just too expensive to hire someone to do email marketing, graphic design, social media, write copy, reply to emails, so I just do it myself. 

I spent a lot of time in the beginning trying to make it look like I had a whole team of people working for me. It was my goal to seem like I had everything under control - I didn't want to show any vulnerability.

Eventually I made a mistake. I've actually made a few now, and in my horror I did the only think I could think of - be vulnerable. When I did this, the most amazing thing happened - people started reaching out. I got emails, DMs  and comments from people telling me stories of their hardships, cheering me on, letting me know that It was ok.  Having strangers reach out and show understanding has helped me to learn a valuable lesson: faking having your s**t together is not sustainable.

Now, today when I sent an email and immediately realized I spelled "waste" without an "e", my first reaction is still mortification, but I am learning to laugh and move on. The best part? All of the people that "get" what I'm trying to do are actually laughing with me, not at me. It is so much more efficient to be open and honest. When you look like you're a huge business, people treat you like a huge business (trust me, you do not want to make it look like you have a customer service team, when you don't). I'm now embracing honesty with the hopes that my honestly will lead to honesty from others and continue this chain reaction. 

So yes, I left a typo in the last email I sent you all. I'm pretty embarrassed about it and hopefully I wont ever do this again, but who am I kidding? I'm only human.

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