Real talk with Maggie Perrin-Key

We recently did a collab with our very own Maggie Perrin-Key (or MPK as she is lovingly referred to - we know a lot of Maggies) - we got some bags sewn and she painted them. We love our plain natural classic tote, but let's face it - it is LITERALLY a blank canvas, and unlike myself some people DO like color in their lives.

Maggie lives in Roanoke and works part time with us, and part time at a local business she co-founded called Treehouse Collaborative. She spends the rest of her time painting. Y'all being a full time artist is hard. 

As you can imagine, she is a very busy woman, but we made her sit down and answer some questions for us. 

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 Photo by Paige Lucas

why did you start painting?

I'm not sure.. I've been painting pretty consistently since middle school. At this point it's hard to determine if it's just something I've always done - is it really just a habit by now? But I think it helps me to see better, to get to know whatever thing or space is in front of me. I also think it was a second-nature way for me to express my feelings. 

do you listen to music while you're painting? if so what?

I'm always listening to something when I paint! Sometimes I listen to tv shows, art documentaries, podcasts (like the Art History Babes), but mostly music. Like most people I have pretty eclectic music tastes...right now I'm listening to the new Vampire Weekend releases, re-falling in love with Feist, and blues (think Charles Bradley and Gary Clark Jr.)

What is your favorite thing about painting?

Gosh I don't know... my favorite thing?? I love creating something that feels like it's of another dimension. It's a 3D object in space, but I'm painting on a flat surface, so it's sort of 2D in that sense, though the depth suggested makes it seem more 3D than it actually is...I guess I love how painting makes my mind question perception and reality. 
I also LOVE mixing colors. Color theory is one of my favorite things. 

What are you able to express through your painting that you cant express otherwise?

Painting allows me to process my feelings very thoroughly. When things happen in my life, I have a slow processing time. It takes me awhile (longer, it seems, than most people) to accept when things change, that events have happened - my adjustment period is long. I paint in oils, which notoriously take a long time to dry. So I feel like when I take a nice long time on an oil painting, I'm also taking a nice long time to thing about events in my life. The act of painting allows me to process my feelings, and because it is always a long process, it gives me the space and time I naturally need. That seems vague - does that make sense? 

What's your sign?

Virgo Sun! (Sagittarius Rising, Leo Moon, for you other astro nerds out there ;) )

What's the biggest lesson you have learned this year?

I must let go of my need for control, because I will never truly have it. 

What advice would you give to girls/women younger than you?

Raise the bar. Raise all you bars. For what you expect of yourself, for how you treat yourself, for how others treat you. Your validation and sense of self comes from within, and that begins with what you believe you deserve. 

What advice would you give to your peers?

Follow your intuition; persevere; do not give up. 

If you could be any animal what would it be?

House cat, hands down. 

How many house plants do you have? Are they alive?

hmm...I think around 20? Yes they are all alive!! Some are only surviving (tropical plants should maybe stay in tropical climates?? o well) and some are growing super well. 

Ok cool... anything else you want to tell us?

I have to remind myself of this all the time but... we're all just humans! At the end of the day we're all just people and we gotta remember that when we interact with one another. 

How can people find you?

instagram: @maggieperrinkey
studio: The Aurora Studio Center, 110 Campbell Avenue SW Suite 005

Why should people keep you on their radar?

I think I possess the ability to relate to a lot of people through my art...I make people who don't identify as artists feel something, and I make people who are artists feel understood. 
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