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Textiles 101: Fiber Content

As a follow-up to the first post in our Textiles Basics series, we’re diving into one of the most important aspects of clothing - fibers! Like most, you probably have a general idea of fiber content in clothing. We all are aware of most popular fibers such as cotton and polyester, but do you where these materials come from? In this post, I’m going to give you the “run-down” on everything you need to know about fiber content and how to make sustainable decisions the next time you head to the mall. Could you look at what you’re wearing right now and identify what the fabric it’s made of? Take a guess and then look at the tag and see if...

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Textiles 101: Fabric Structures

This is the first of Line + Tow’s Textiles 101 series. In these posts, I (Grace) will explain the basics of textile production, garment manufacturing, and the fashion industry. My goal is to help our community navigate the in’s and out’s of the textile world so they can make responsible buying decisions.   Why do you need to know about textiles? We use multiple, forms of textiles everyday - usually without much thought. With the rise of fast fashion, pollution, and unfair labor; now, more than ever it’s important to have awareness of where and how products are created. I’m a textile nerd, so I’ll try not to get too technical when writing these posts. My goal is to give...

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