Longevity Guarantee

Our goal is to make garments that last your whole life. If you feel that our garment has not met that goal, we will fix or replace it for you. Please email hello@lineandtow.com to initiate a repair.

The following is a list of wear that is covered by this policy. If your garment has an issue that is not listed, and you believe it to be a flaw in the garment, not somehing inflicted by the wearer please email us at hello@lineandtow.com

  • Stitches are coming out
  • Holes are developing near a point of tension - close to a seam, underarm,    or pocket
  • Buttons have fallen off
  • Belt loop coming undone
  • Etc.

What is not covered is the following (however we will fix tears that fall into this category for a small fee):

  • Stains
  • Tears that have resulted from an accident or careless use of the garment (i.e. pulling or tugging on straps or buttons with excessive force)

Please email us at hello@lineandtow.com with any questions.