Want more colors?

Have you seen images of our clothing in other colors and wondering why they aren't available online? Here's the deal: we can't keep all of our garments in all sizes in all seven colors in stock - it's too expensive and we are a very tiny business. The photos of all seven colors are images for our wholesale catalog. We will offer other colors in the future, however right now all seven are only available for our wholesale accounts and are made to order. 

HOWEVER, if you tell your favorite boutique about our brand and they place an order with us, we will give you a garment in any color for free*.

*We will ask the boutique rep for a name of a referrer so be sure to mention our referral program to the store. We will not accept claims directly from individuals. The garment of choice will be in one of our seven tested colors and will be made to order with the wholesale order. Turnaround time is approximately one month. This garment may not be exchanged or returned. The garment can be any color even if the boutique is not ordering that color.