Why "Line + Tow"

Our name is derived from the technical terms for the two lengths of natural fibers. When a natural fiber (typically linen) is processed, you are left with longer, more lustrous fibers called "line", and shorter, coarser fibers called "tow". While it could be said that a company by this name should be producing linen clothes (we're working on it) we like to think that the name is representative of our values. While other brands prefer to use only the best (or "lustrous") parts of the fabric, throwing out the lesser (or "coarser") parts, such as the cut and sew scraps, defective pieces, etc., we work to find creative ways to incorporate everything that we have consumed, throwing nothing away. By striving to reduce our waste in this way, we are using all of the materials we process or, the "line" AND the "tow".